Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finally ....

oh my i can't believe how long its been since i have actually sat down in this space to write a post.  this feels good ... this feels right. i was very lucky to get my hands on a new camera this past week and i was able to take it out for a test drive yesterday with my girls.  it took a little bit of time to get back into the groove of taking pictures with an actual camera and not just my iphone but once i did i couldn't stop.

we have been filming everything for a while now so it felt good to get back into the creativity of taking candid pictures of my girls.  there is something so powerful about a single frame of them.  watching them play and laugh and getting that one picture that sums up the whole day, the whole experience, everything i felt, everything they felt, it's all there in that one picture.  i love being able to look back and remember so clearly how we were all feeling and what we were doing.  doing this ... blogging and vlogging .... i am so grateful to live in a time that this is all available and i am able to do it with my children.  i want to remember all of it.  we love to look back at the pictures and videos from when the girls were younger and giggle and tell stories.  it's as good as gold in my books.  

yesterday we met up with some friends at a neighbourhood family fun day.  while we were there we actually saw some old friends i went to high school with that i hadn't seen since.  it was such a fun day and it was a nice little reminder of what's to come so very soon with summer vacation quickly approaching.  so without further adieu here are some photos from our day yesterday.  and yes of course  i vlogged it too so that will be coming up on our youtube channel soon.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dear Aisley on your 5th Birthday

To my darling Aisley,

what a year you have had!  you have grown and changed in so many ways this past year, some days it seems that you have grown over night.  i catch myself watching you in disbelieve ... how ... how did you get so big so fast ... and how in the world did I get so lucky.  

you started school this year and even though there was a few bumps along the way you have flourished.  you have many new friends and are learning to stand up for yourself without your sister by your side.  your favourite teacher is miss Crane and you talk about her all the time.  i was so proud of you on the first day of school watching you walk into your school with all of your new found friends.

you are such an artistic little girl.  you are always colour, drawing, writing, or crafting.  the messier the craft the better in your opinion.  you love to cut paper into different creations, and at Christmas you were all about making snowflakes.  you easily made over 100.  

your smile in contagious and always reaches right up to your eyes. your laugh is spell binding, you seriously have the best little giggle, i could listen to it all day.  you are a goofball and love to put on a show to get others to laugh.  you can put a smile on anyone's face as soon as you walk into a room.

you are passionate and you feel everything so hard and with all your might.  it doesn't matter if you are happy, sad, mad, or frustrated, you feel it truly and deeply with every fiber of your being.  this sometimes gets you into trouble when your frustrations turn into screaming at someone to get them to listen.  but you can now calm down quickly when you finally feel that you are being heard.  you need to be heard and that my dear is a very important lesson.  we are just working on a better approach to it :)

you have a great love for animals, especially dogs and cats.  you want to know everything about them and want to pet and cuddle everyone that you see.  You love your Tallulah and she loves you so much too.  

you are gentle and kind and don't understand when others aren't kind to you.  you are very understanding and have a lot of patients for those around you.  at school you have a best friend named Hailey.  Olivia was jealous of your new friendship and Mommy explained this to you.  you were very understanding of Olivia's feelings and put in more effort to make sure she felt included.  one day you were so excited leaving school and proudly told me that Olivia was starting to "feel your friendship" because she gave you a hug goodbye.  now you, Olivia and Hailey are the best of friends.  I am so very proud of you and all of the lessons you are learning.

I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you.  Aisley you are pretty much my favourite of all time in the history of ever.  I love you like a maniac all the way to the moon and back. Love Mommy xox

a conversation with Aisley

  • what is your favourite colour: blue ... wait that was my old favourite colour, my new favourite colour is purple ... since ... this morning
  • what is your favourite animal: dog ... that one's not change
  • when you grow up what do you want to do: help pets
  • who is your best friend: is school my best friend is Hailey, Olivia and that's all ... actually one 63
  • +
  • +more, my sister
  • what is your favourite movie: on netflix my favourite movie is ... whats that one when the guy looses his heart and needs a new one ... the cook cook heart .. ya that one. (Jack and the cuckoo-clock heart)
  • what is your favourite song: oh baby baby (scream by Usher .. STILL!) 
  • what is your favourite television show: Scooby Doo
  • what is your favourite sport: swimming, soccer, dance, hip hop dance
  • if you could go anywhere where would you go: i would go to Toronto because Wonderland.  and i would go Paris.
  • what is your favourite activity: art and that's it
  • what do you love: my mom, my special stuffy and my sister and the rest of my family and my pets and that's all
  • what is your favourite food: feta cheese salad and chinese salad
  • what is your favourite drink: shirley temple
  • what is your favourite craft: that's a tricky one cause i like anyone, so how about one i did before. a cloud and rainbow craft
  • what are 5 things about Aisley that everyone should know: i have no idea ... my name, where i came from, ... these are all things i tell people when i meet them ... and .. and ... ummmm ... i love dogs, my pets name ... if i have a pet anyways ... one more ... the rest of my families names ... i usually do six things about me but that's fine.
  • what is your favourite book: Pete the Cat cause my favourite teacher miss Crane likes it too
  • what are you excited to do now that you are five: that i am in school and will be in senior kindergarten soon
  • is there anything else that you would like people to know: no

Your 4th year!